Ceramic Thread Guides

Thread guides or yarn guides used in textile machineries are generally the ceramic devices used in directing and positioning of the thread or yarn during production and processing activities. The ceramic guides used in industries thread, yarn or wire guides are generally made of ceramic materials like alumina, titania, zirconia, tungsten carbide etc.

Alumina Ceramic Guides:

Alumina is the short form of aluminium oxide, a material that possesses highly strong ionic inter-atomic bonding properties making it ideal component for manufacturing ceramic materials used in industrial applications. Being extremely hard wearing, durable, physical strength with chemical resistance, high temperature resistance it offers best properties for manufacturing the thread guiding devices used in textile industries. Due to high hardness property of alumina, yarn guides made of alumina are generally very yarn-friendly, fine-grained and highly wear-resistant. The alumina thread guides are ideal for applications with high speeds and high tensions and are used for texturizing machinery, winders, spinning machinery, synthetic micro-yarns, coarse and hard synthetic yarns, and silk.

Titania Ceramic Guides:

Titania is naturally occurring oxide of titanium which is used for wide range of applications in industries. The ceramic thread yarn guides made of titania are ideal for applications related to delicate yarns including silk, carbon, glass and micro yarns. These are generally softer than alumina guides and most friendly and tender towards the yarn.  The guides of black-coloured titania generally have a conductive surface that conducts away static electricity generated in processing the yarn.

Zirconia Ceramic Guides:

Like alumina, Zirconia is also hard material, inert to acids and alkaline solutions and a very good heat conductor used in industrial applications. The Zirconia thread guides used in textile industries are very yarn-friendly just as Titania. They offer extreme hardness, toughness and wear resistance required for textile industry applications. Generally the yarn guides made of Zirconia are costlier than other two ceramics and therefore used only for special applications.
Whatever may be the type of guide used in industries, thread, yarn or wire guide, it is always important to select guides with correct surface roughness and topography for best performance.

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